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img_6198A keystone of operations at Anthony’s Travel is the calibre of staff we employ, every member of staff is an Ambassador of Anthony’s Travel, therefore, all of our staff members are essential members of the team. From cleaners to the Senior Partners, all have an important role to play in ensuring we provide quality coach travel at all times.

Many of our staff have been with Anthony’s Travel since we were first established and have a wealth of experience and knowledge of coach travel.

Our staff are issued with distinct, easily identifiable uniforms, properly suited to the duties they undertake.
All staff are fully briefed on Health and Safety requirements and are issued with staff handbooks which are continually updated. For use in emergency, our Driving staff are issued with hands-free mobiles providing constant communication with our operation centre and our 24 hour emergency on-call staff.

To ensure our staff meet the various regulations and demands of the Passenger Transport Industry we utilise the services of independent consultants. A Driving Examiner to assess and monitor the driving ability of our current and potential employees; a Transport Management Consultant ensures that all of our drivers duty requirements are fulfilled and our maintenance programme is overseen by an Independent Vehicle Examiner who ensures all of our vehicles comply and exceed the very latest transport regulations.

newgraceFor the safety of our customers, our staff and fellow road users all of our vehicles are fitted with CCTV systems that record the vehicle journey both internally and externally.

To monitor vehicle progress throughout your hire our fleet are all fitted with You Track fleet vehicle locator systems with which we are able to monitor from our operation centre the vehicles location; driving time – to ensure compliance with EC directives; the route the vehicle has taken; times of arrival; departure and in turn contact the driver with advice of route changes if necessary.

Our fleet of coaches are also fitted with telematics systems enabling us to monitor vehicle progress, efficiency, timekeeping, fuel economy and driving patterns, helping us to to reduce our carbon footprint.

As an exclusive benefit for our regular customers, we can supply text messages (SMS) when the coach is nearing the collection point – so no more standing in the the rain!



We continue to monitor staff performance and customer satisfaction, we welcome all comments from clients and employees as part of our continued commitment to customer satisfaction…