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Health and Safety

As a respected, quality transport provider, Anthony’s Travel are committed to providing a safe environment for our staff and clients alike.

To ensure we meet and exceed statutory requirements, control workplace requirements and continue to improve standards of health, safety and welfare we have appointed McCarron Coates and Unicorn Underwriting as consultants to provide advice and support and Backhouse Jones who are specialists in logistics & transport law.

Additionally, with our knowledge of coach travel we are able to offer schools, educational establishments and other organisations advice and assistance on any risk assessments they may undertake prior to travelling.

Licensing Qualifications & Insurance


Anthony’s Travel are an authorised coach operator in accordance with Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981.

  • All of our vehicles are fully insured along with Public and Employer Liability.
  • All of our Drivers are fully qualified to drive the vehicles to which their duties relate.
  • Drivers and ‘on-vehicle’ staff are vetted by the DBS disclosure check
  • We operate a strict alcohol and drugs control policy and health checks are available to all staff via a company appointed Doctor.
  • We are Compliant with Code of Minimum Standards and Quality Assurance Standards for CoachMarque Operators.

We welcome any inspection of our licensing, insurance, health and safety, and emergency procedures that any client may wish to undertake prior to hire.

Embracing Safety With Technology

Anthony’s Travel have been at the forefront of technology to enhance and increase safety, driving standards, performance and fuel efficiency, to achieve this we have invested heavily in vehicle technology that enables us to constantly monitored and make adjustments to our Drivers performance if required.

Instead of one project Anthony’s Travel have carried out a great deal of investment, promotion and training on various safety related aspects listed below:

In 2003 we introduced vehicle trackers, we were one of the first coach companies to do so, by doing this we were able to monitor route efficiency, alerts are sent when vehicles are idling, over speeds and regardless if no incidents or concerns all reports are analysed weekly, since the introduction of tracking facilities our fuel usage dropped.


In 2007 we embarked on a programme to fit synectic CCTV systems to our coaches, whilst this is an accepted practice in the BUS industry very few coach operators have taken advantage of this technology.

All vehicles are fitted with multi camera systems that cover all external angles of the coach, saloon and hazardous areas such as steps and the Drivers cab area. In addition an audio recording is made in the cab area of any conversation with the Drivers.

In 2010 we introduced Genius telematic systems to all of our vehicles, each Driver is issued with an individual log to which we are able to monitor driving standards and behaviour, monitoring areas such as braking, cornering, acceleration. Each Driver is provided with a score per journey.  We are able to analysis data to identify any potential areas of concerns and offer training when needed Staff have also commented that since using similar driving methods in their own cars they have noticed a reduction in their own personal fuel use.

All our Driving staff are entered into ROSCO Safe driving scheme.

In 2012 we were the first accredited member of BUSK Simply safe and Benchmark approval schemes for safe school transport. As a founder member we recognised the importance of schools, governors and parents realising their own responsibility in booking safe transport and providing the correct information so they can be assured that they have done everything within their powers to satisfy their legal requirements.

We introduced the School of The year Award which goes to a school that recognises the need for safe transport, following the success of this award we were approached by BUSK and the scheme has now been rolled out by other coach operators nationwide.  We also have participated in BUSK Conferences as an industry panellist.


In 2013 we introduced AlcolockUK breathalyzers to our fleet of coaches and minicoaches, each vehicle will not start unless the Driver has completed a breath test, this has provided our clients greater peace of mind that when booking Anthony’s Travel safety is a priority.

Health & Safety at Anthony’s Travel

As a respected provider of quality transportation, Anthony’s Travel is committed to providing a safe working environment for staff and clients alike. We ensure that we meet and exceed statutory requirements and workplace control requirements.

We continue to provide the highest standards of Health Safety and Welfare For All which is monitored and audited by external consultants.

Anthony’s Travel is an authorised coach operator in accordance with the Public Passenger vehicles Act 1981 and as a bona fide coach operator you can rest assured that we hold the appropriate Vehicle, Public and Employee Liability insurance , copies available upon request.

Purpose designed risk assessments specifically for coach travel are available for our group organisers and we welcome inspection of our licensing , insurance , Health & Safety Policies and emergency procedures prior to hire.

At Anthony’s Travel we take our commitments very seriously -this page provides useful information regarding Health & Safety issues.

  • To view our full conditions of hire please click here

Risk Assessment & Training at Anthony’s Travel

Recent courses completed for our staff include First Aid, Midas Passenger Assistant courses, Minimise Your Risk Driver training sessions.

We are also accredited by the following organisations:

coahmarque fsb cpt

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