Richard Bamber delighted to be selected as Chairman for RHA Coaches

Managing Partner of Anthony’s Travel, Richard Bamber, is delighted to be selected as Chairman for RHA Coaches.

The coach industry historically has been unheralded and often forgotten; the past three years have been some of the most challenging the industry has ever faced and we lacked a strong voice to ensure our message was heard and importantly the industry well represented,

By joining voices with the RHA we have now have a collective strength of 8500 members and host of resources to make the often demanding day to day tasks of running a coach company that bit easier. With our ever growing coach membership nearing 100 in little over a year and enhanced range of services included in the members package we are in a great position to drive change and face whatever challenges lay ahead.

Whilst I am a founder member of RHA Coaches and been vocal in my endorsement Its solely because I strongly believe it’s in the best interests of the coach industry , whilst numerous parties were potentially looking at establishing a new trade organisation for the coaching industry , joining forces with RHA gave us the strongest possible voice.

However RHA Coaches is not about ME and all about WE . How we can best serve our members and the wider coaching sector and drive business forward. Every voice matters, whether you operator one coach or one hundred coaches your opinion, your input counts.

Our coach forum of coach operators through the UK provides an excellent foundation for opinion, discussion and to shape policy of our organisation

The path we take on the journey to decarbonisation will shape the future of coach companies for many years to come, the technology used in the haulage sector will undoubtedly be used in the much smaller coach industry therefore we have a perfect synergy to ensure our future is best represented.

Mr Bamber was central to RHA’s National Coach Week in April, generating support from local MPs. Plans for 2023’s National Coach Week are expected to be announced before the end of this year.

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