Alcohol interlocks, enhancing safety and improving lifestyles

Anthony’s Travel first heard about ALCOLOCK UK from Richard Thomas, General Manager of ALCOLOCK UK, who contacted the company to install a two month trial of the ALCOLOCK UK V3 system.

“I was reaching out to coach companies who took proactive safety initiatives and after hearing about Anthony’s Travel and their commitment to the wellbeing of their customers and employees, I knew the ALCOLOCK UK V3 would work for them”, says Richard Thomas.

ALCOLOCK UK has many years of experience helping industry leaders within the bus and coach industry reinforce compliance and decrease risk by taking a proactive approach to impaired driving.

Anthony’s Travel began their family business in 1985 and currently operates a successful fleet of 20 coaches in the UK. The company prides themselves on their ability to provide quality service and safe transportation for their drivers, passengers and the general public, which includes placing ignition interlocks in their coaches as an endeavor to ensure their drivers’ sobriety. Since implementing the ALCOLOCK UK V3 Ignition Interlock in 2013, these devices have helped Anthony’s Travel secure customers, ensure public safety and improve their drivers’ lifestyles by providing awareness of the risks associated with alcohol consumption.