Euro 6 emission standards

We have renewed our commitment to be as environmentally as possible with the introduction of a fleet of top flight coaches that are completely compliant with Euro 6 emission standards 

Anthony’s Travel has always been committed to finding ways to be as environmentally friendly as possible and with this in mind we are proud to announce our latest step to a greener more eco minded business; a fleet of top flight coaches are now completely compliant with Euro 6 emission standards. 

Introduced in 1993 the European mission guidelines aim to reduce the amount of pollution generated by vehicles. Specifically, Euro 6 emissions cover harmful emissions from nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide both of which can cause serious health implications and be harmful to the environment. By reducing these toxic emissions not only is it less harmful to the environment it is also benefiting people’s health in the long run. 

Upgrading our fleet to ensure we offer our customers newer, lower-emission vehicles is the latest in a long list of our commitments as a conscientious coach operator to create a greener, more eco centric company where possible. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce paper and plastics and increase recycling. A few years ago, we fitted telematics systems which monitor driver behaviour patterns to reduce idling and promote better fuel efficiency. We do this, not as a box ticking exercise but as a commitment to our local community and the planet to create a greener way of doing business where possible.   

Richard Bamber is the managing partner of Anthony’s Travel and he is delighted with the announcement saying, “The news that we are now completely compliant with Euro 6 emissions standards proves yet again our commitment to making Anthony’s Travel as eco-friendly as possible and that we continue to be a leading light in the industry for corporate social responsibility.

This news coincides with the RHA Association’s Environment Campaign. They are championing our industry’s move towards net zero vehicles and technology. As members of the association, we are proud to be a part of the wider coach community who are actively campaigning a move to a greener, environmentally responsible industry.

Always at the cutting edge of industry advances, it was only a year ago that Anthony’s Travel announced that we were the first operator in the UK to install the Hispacold eCo3 and PEPA-F air filtration systems throughout our entire fleet. This means that our air filtration is as safe as it possibly can be. The Hispacold system was designed to purify the air of most pathogens and is proven to be 99.7% effective against covid with the PEPA-F 99.99% effective.

Anthony’s Travel is an award-winning, family-owned coach company with over 35 years of experience and the company is committed to providing a truly personal service and delivering the very best in coach transport.