Coach operator’s technology tactics set best-practice benchmark

An innovative approach to technology and training has seen Anthony’s Travel improve fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and lower insurance premiums by 35% through the successful defence of false claims.

The Runcorn-based coach operator, which has a fleet of 16 vehicles and staff of 30, has won industry acclaim and recognition as a best-practice provider.

“Our Synectics surveillance and telematics solution provides a true and accurate reflection of events. It enables us to investigate complaints without bias.”

Richard Bamber Managing Partner
Anthony’s Travel

Driving better business with driver buy-in The operator is a strong advocate of using on-vehicle data to improve the customer experience it offers, based on insights from the Synectics Genius telematics platform. This monitors the harshness of acceleration and braking, as well as ride stability and route performance, to continually enhance operations.

The company has subsequently developed a strong reputation for customer service and safety. However, it is a recent development that has pushed this approach to new levels. “Investing in technology is fantastic and has enabled us to do great things,” explained Richard Bamber, Managing Partner of Anthony’s Travel, “but to really harness the full potential you have to achieve something very rare in our industry – driver buy-in.

“Technology predominantly offers business and service-level benefits, but you have to ask yourself why a driver should be accepting of greater levels of scrutiny. We did this, and we quickly realized we needed to find a way to make our investment benefit drivers as well.”

Anthony’s Travel introduced an incentive scheme offering drivers rewards based on data captured from their journeys, using their existing Synectics technology. An average score of above 90% on the monitored KPIs means drivers are eligible for a monthly paycheck bonus. Other prizes include meal vouchers for the two highest scoring drivers and the driver that does the least idling.