Meet the newest member of our family – D-HIVE | MOBIpeople Executive coach

At the beginning of 2019 D-HIVE was contacted by MOBIpeople to once again collaborate with them, this time to take part in the development of their new premium model. The main idea was to design a completely different vehicle based on their recently launched higher-floor variant of the Explorer.

In our opinion, this collaboration couldn’t have started in a better way since MOBIpeople and B.A.S.E. decided to kick-off this project with us by joining a small group of operators in a meeting to discuss technical and aesthetical aspects regarding the new vehicle. We’ve decided to propose and conduct a “Design Workshop” with them on which we were able to analyze several items around the Explorer range and other Coaches in their fleet. The output of this meeting for D-HIVE was truly priceless! The collected data was the culmination of all the years of experience in the Coach industry of all the participants, and from that, we condensed and filtered into a Design Specification that would guide us to the next phase.


After the main specification was completed, we were all set to start our Concept Design phase. First of we needed to translate some of the “identity” guidelines that were collected before – such as “family vehicle”, “conservative” or “timeless design” – into a general design language that would later embody all the desired technical features. We worked closely with MOBIpeople in some preliminary design studies to achieve a few
ideas that would evoke their product line-up but also define a new direction for the brand. After several iterations with B.A.S.E . and some of the kick-off meeting participants contributing with inputs as a Focus Group, together
we managed to come up with a Design Concept for the new Coach.

‘Appearance is important to the appeal, though function is always
the BASE mantra.’

Mr. Nick Dodgson from B.A.S.E.
(in interview for the Bus & Coach Buyer Magazine )

The main product image was defined and follows the overall idea set right from the start: that we weren’t reaching a head-turning design, but a well thought out product that combines MOBIpeople vehicle’s recognized
functionality and modularity with contemporary lines that won’t become outdated shortly. Once the design team started to develop the vehicle, it was even clearer due to all the technical features required, that we were
conceiving a bespoke product, not a mass-produced one. The expected final output would be of a vehicle that relates to each and every client but in a different way for all. At the “design freeze” stage, we developed a Teaser for the social media with some highlights of the new model, creating brand awareness and community interest around this new Coach.

MOBIpeople Teaser


The design team concluded its development tasks, as all the machine work was completed and the parts on the prototype started being put together. And that’s when it happens! The world, and in particular the Coach
industry, face a huge crisis that could endanger this project. Everyone worked together, aware of what was happening “today” but also looking at the future. The work advanced and the first unit was completed, set for
Anthony’s Travel of Runcorn which will be the launch customer for the new MOBIpeople coach.

‘We have worked closely with BASE and a number of their customers to deliver what we believe to be an excellent balance between attractive styling and class-leading functionality.’

Mr. Antonio Catarino, General Manager of MOBIpeople
(in interview for the Route-One Magazine)

The success of this model is yet to be written and during this product’s life cycle there’s always room for improvement. From our point of view, the new MOBIpeople executive coach is exactly what we all aimed to achieve, showing that together we can do better.

For further information or high-resolution images, please contact:
Ricardo Oliveira, Managing Partner at D-HIVE |
+351 965 021 697