Pedals urgently required

Teaching a child to ride a bike is a matter of patience and nurture, firstly you spend your time pushing them along, secondly they start to pedal on their own assisted by stabilisers and finally when you are really sure they are confident, have gained their balance you remove the stabilisers for good and off they go, if you have taught them well apart from maybe the odd hiccup you will never have to help them on their travels again.

In March it got really windy, there was a cycle race going on  all over the UK  called the business race.  As the storm came in it really looked like the race was all over. Luckily on hand was Rishi Sunak who ran out of number 11 cycle shop  armed with  a  new brand of stabilisers  that we could lend until the wind stopped called furlough, he attached them to our wheels and again we were steady –  without Rishi all the bikes would have been in a big pile.

We welcomed Rishi’s help, he’s a nice chap but in hurry to help everyone as soon as he could  he didn’t hear us shout  that our pedals have come off  when the wind got strong and whilst the stabilisers have stopped us toppling over and we feel quite relieved all we can do is coast and we really want to get back in the race.

Rishi fathoms by the end of October its time to remove the stabilisers , we all appreciate they weren’t for keeps but he never heard we are one of the only competitors in the Business race that’s lost its pedals whilst some of the other cyclists regained their balance in no time at all and were performing better than ever.

But our confidence has gone, we are frightened that without pedals when Rishi takes his stabilisers BACK we will topple over and this time have nothing to hold us up.

We have heard there are some pedals on the way,  but at the moment we don’t know when, we don’t think it will be that long, with the stabilisers we can coast a bit but we really need good pedals to get going again.

Once we find good pedals, when we start pedalling again we feel pretty certain Rishi can have his stabilisers back in no time at all and we will set off on our own independent adventures not needing anyone’s assistance anymore.

But for now until we get those pedals we really need them stabilisers or at least a firm hand on our saddle to make sure we don’t topple over.

Even after a long break if taught well you never forget how to ride a bike but until the pedals come in all we can do is sit in the saddle and keep our tyres pumped up.